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Open Mat @ FAMA today

I have been missing a lot of classes at Trifecta due to my work schedule and deadlines. Yesterday, I missed beginners class thanks to household chores. What a reason huh? Granted, I have not been home much, lately. And I have not clocked in much family time either. So I figured, why not just spend today with my family at home. Lo and behold, all of them rushed out of the house with their own plans. I could have just spent an hour at class and come home to the same empty house.

That aside, I decided to craft a BJJ/fitness plan. In my mind, I have categorised one to two specific aspect of a roll to one day. For example; take-down solo drills on Monday, armbar and armbar escape solo drills on Tuesday etc. But, the plan has not taken shape just yet. I am still churning my brain for ideas. Aside from that, I decided to start on a healthier diet as well as resume running in order to build up my cardio fitness. I jogged 3KM last night and it took 18 minutes.


As compared to my previous logged jogs in mapmyfitness, my pace has improved a lot. I have to thank BJJ for that. Even whilst running, I got shocked that I could still jog non stop for 3KM. I’m proud of myself for that. But I can’t let myself be clouded by the improvement I made today. I have to keep on going and keep on improving.

Today’s open mat at FAMA was alright. I rolled with a few people and they were fiesty af. These are the girls that I might be competing with in July. I have to step my game up. I need to solidify my plan and religiously commit to it. Come on, Nadia. You can do it.

2nd stripe 

21st April 2016

I looked so beaten up in this picture. I was just really tired from the PM to AM shift transition and 2 hours of “flow rolling”. The competitors went hard on me.

This was totally unexpected. I was away from the gym f0r 8 days and I came back to a promotion after my beginner class. 

“You’ve got an eye for detail. You’ve been improving a lot and your techniques are right there. Congratulations Nadia, oss!”

Fir was right, Saturday rolls did help me a lot. Here’s to progress. Cheers.



I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

I’m pretty sure I suck at up keeping a blog. So why do I still find myself going through the hassle of setting up a new one? So annoyingly persistent. Truth be told, this is the kind of mindset that I wish I possess in everything I do. This spirit of perseverance.

“Lute!” is what the referee would say when a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) fight lacks in combativeness. Or simply put, stalled. This verbal command serves as a wake up call for me. The past few years has been “Lute”. Sure, I have suffered through a tortourous journey through part-time university followed by my current nightmare that is post-grad diploma. My brain and body surely did not stall, but my soul did. 

Not until recently did I pay attention to my soul. This passion that was suddenly ignited on the 25th of February 2016. That was when I invested my time and money into BJJ. As much as I aim to be, I am not a great grappler. But I can feel my improvement. BJJ did not only teach me skills and techniques. It taught me to be fitter and healthier. More than that, it taught me to be humble, patient, calm and to lose my ego. It was not until Firdhaus pointed it out that I realise I did not foster the spirit of BJJ. I was hella mad that someone new got promoted before I did and I felt that I was better than her. I reacted in a way that shocked even myself up till now. 

When I got my first stripe, I realise that I should not chase the promotion. Taking on Fir’s advice, I decided to chase the improvement rather than the stripe. I felt so much lighter with that mindset. Soon enough, I started to apply the concepts of BJJ in my personal and professional life. 

Maybe the reason I set this blog up was with the hopes of documenting my process and progress through this new lifestyle I’m choosing to embark on.

Wait a minute, I have not introduced myself and yet I’m already blabbering away.

I am Nadia Rafiq, a 93’s baby. Which means I’m 23 this year. I am a Staff Nurse so I might occasionally yammer on about the ever so hectic medical life. I’ll be graduating from post-grad diploma this May. And recently, I became a grappler. 

So, I hope this blog will be filled with insightful thoughts and feelings, knowledgeable information and the occasional random crap that resides in my brain.