Open Mat @ FAMA today

I have been missing a lot of classes at Trifecta due to my work schedule and deadlines. Yesterday, I missed beginners class thanks to household chores. What a reason huh? Granted, I have not been home much, lately. And I have not clocked in much family time either. So I figured, why not just spend today with my family at home. Lo and behold, all of them rushed out of the house with their own plans. I could have just spent an hour at class and come home to the same empty house.

That aside, I decided to craft a BJJ/fitness plan. In my mind, I have categorised one to two specific aspect of a roll to one day. For example; take-down solo drills on Monday, armbar and armbar escape solo drills on Tuesday etc. But, the plan has not taken shape just yet. I am still churning my brain for ideas. Aside from that, I decided to start on a healthier diet as well as resume running in order to build up my cardio fitness. I jogged 3KM last night and it took 18 minutes.


As compared to my previous logged jogs in mapmyfitness, my pace has improved a lot. I have to thank BJJ for that. Even whilst running, I got shocked that I could still jog non stop for 3KM. I’m proud of myself for that. But I can’t let myself be clouded by the improvement I made today. I have to keep on going and keep on improving.

Today’s open mat at FAMA was alright. I rolled with a few people and they were fiesty af. These are the girls that I might be competing with in July. I have to step my game up. I need to solidify my plan and religiously commit to it. Come on, Nadia. You can do it.


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